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Behind MLR

What’s in a name? You ponder…what do these three letters signify and what meaning do they make when construed in one sound. The answer lies in the basis of this driving passion and the individual who stood behind making it happen.

MLR are the initials of Hina’s father: the inspiration and the soul behind her creative vision and her work. For it was his love for capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments that remain eternal when photographed, not only in one’s memory but in a physical form, that defined relationships, life as we envision it and the world which encompasses us.

Although he is not amongst us today, he is still very much alive in her memories and thoughts. He is the inspiration, heart and soul behind the artistic vision at MLR Photography. Without his driving passion and creative legacy, MLR Photography would, undoubtedly, be incomplete. MLR Photography is a tribute to him, for always rousing Hina to reach out for her dreams.