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About Hina

Because every picture tells a story, Hina believes in capturing images that will be cherished eternally. No milestone is too small to have remembered and no event too grand to encompass. Hina’s vivacious personality, unique style and creative vision are the qualities that breathe life into her captures.

Although she is a Toronto native, she has travelled far and wide distances to capture life’s awe-inspiring moments. From the rural markets of India to the sprawling metropolis of New York City, the journey is boundless.

“Photography helps us reminisce a moment in time long after we have forgotten it even passed. Photography is my passion, not my profession. It satisfies my appetite as a creative artist and gives me the opportunity to share the joy it brings me, with others.”

~Hina R.

Not limiting herself to a particular style, Hina brings forward something extraordinary to every shot. Stirring talent of a an artistic eye with photographic elements strikes the fine balance of priceless moments. Through life’s endless reflections, Hina showcases a fusion of classic photography with a modern touch.